GRAND PRIZE WINNERS ANNOUNCED on the BOBfest2013 Broadcast 11-22-2013 at 11:11PM

Ginney Almighty **GRAND PRIZE WINNER – MATT HDSN – Canada**

RnA Drops [ReBob], ReAlinE, ReMag, ReLyte and ReNew.

The entire line of RnA Drops Completement Formulas [valued at $479.95]

2nd Place Misfit to Millions  **WINNER – DEBORAH WEST**

RnA Drops, ReMag and ReAline [valued at $204.97] 

3rd Place Mineral Madness  **WINNER – BONNIE**

ReAline, ReLyte, ReMag [valued at $106.97]



Walt Peterson – Florida

Sean Clarke – United Kingdom

Nikki Clifton – Oregon

Maurine Cucchino – Florida

Susan Hay – North Carolina

Mark Tichenor – Canada

Gloria Taylor – California

Cheryl Allen – Vermonth

Sheldon Olsen – Illinois

Shelton Daniel – Montreal, Canada

Sara Sade – Ohio – TWO TIME WINNER

Jilleen Anderson – New Zealand – TWO TIME WINNER

Randy Knight – Virginia

Paul Piper – Illinois – TWO TIME WINNER

Laurie Cozier – California

Lisa Duba – New Hampshire

David Jolley – Illinois

Kenneth Bingham

Daniel Libby – Canada

Joan Lander – Ohio

Wendy Chesney – Canada

Pieter Botha – South Africa

Claire Bear – California

Elle Siefert – Georgia

Rodger Johnson – Arkansas

Sara Courtney – Louisiana

Deborah West – North Carolina

Samia Eliza – New York

Graham Brimhall – Idaho

Michael Vrahoulakis – Greece

Dianne Lombardi – California

Ketter – USA

RnA Drops – Radio Free iON Celebration Contest Winners will be drawn at 11:00 PM EST on Friday, November 22nd and

 announced live during the radio extravaganza!


32 responses »

  1. Bernard says:

    Is RNA drops good for PARKINSON’S WHICH MY DAD HAS.

    • 2012RnARadio says:

      RnA Drops gives new information to the rna in every cell of the human body, ultimately encouraging the creation of perfect cells. If you think you father would benefit from improved cell replication then the free sample would be a good choice.

  2. Nessa Warner says:

    I love my rna drops

  3. Michael Kulakowski says:

    Thanks Ginney for sharing all of your knowledge, energy and being. I really appreciate the total completement of the creative human process that everyone presents and that I’ve experienced. It’s all been so unlike anything that I could have ever imagined since that initial One Drop.

    Rather, One Drop by Plumb

    Thanks for the impact that your “one thing” tha has changed the world, only takes one drop…


  4. Dianne Lombardi says:

    I’m hooked on the whole line……can’t see myself without the products. Thx Ginny for allyour help! Dianne

  5. Deborah West says:

    This is a great opportunity to win the best products for your ascension. Thanks for a fun contest!

  6. Nessa Warner says:

    Love the Wed. show. Am enjoying all the products. Thanks for the contest.

  7. DEB says:

    Thanks Ginney for the fun, yes listening to your session with BOB is the best.

  8. Dianne Lombardi says:

    The whole line of these products are amazing. I feel and look the differen

  9. laurie crozier says:

    thank you I really enjoy your show and it was great winning the remag. I have been on the drops since the beginning and sound like you when describing the fantastic results I have had

  10. threesixtyflip says:

    I want these drops to become soooo popular. Then the world will become a much better place.. God there awesome!!!!!

  11. Dianne Lombardi says:

    The RnA drops are exactly what I have been looking for!! Glad I found them

  12. Bert says:

    RnA Drops are the greatest product ever introduced in the last 10,000 years and the next 36,000 years! AWESOME!

  13. Jamie Senopole says:

    Thank you, Ginney, for responding to my email so fast! I’ve been doing a lot of research into the RNA drops and the rest of the Completement program. I am really looking forward to starting the drops, along with the ReAline & ReMag all for the first time.
    I have chronic inflammation and pain due to Lupus of the joints and muscles & Psoriatic Arthritis which I’ve been dealing with for 12 years! Psoriasis getting out of hand and spreading all over body, over years and years.
    I have a lot of financial burden and have been struggling but I’m staying positive and looking forward to scraping up my pennies to begin the RNA drops, with the ReAline & ReMag, and start on a new path and a better life!
    Thanks again to Ginney & Dr. Carolyn Dean. I’ve been listening to your radio show & it’s informed me on so much. Here’s to hoping I win the prize!!!

  14. Kathie says:

    the RNA drops are helping my skin…..inflammation fading!

  15. matt ch says:

    I remember one time in particular where I was so in flow of life that I didn’t even know what I was doing and all of the sudden I was like: wow this is so amazing. I can do so much on the drops, so much energy!

    But even more powerful is that the drops changed my relationship to my emotions and altered me at a deep biological level. It not something that most people will believe but I know that it is possible and wouldn’t be as happy as I am today without the drops.

    And thank you Ginney for continuing providing such top notch content. This show is a special compliment to Bob’s Payday and Carolyn’s show.

    • Jamie Senopole says:

      Hi, Matt!

      I was wondering what kind of emotional changes you were speaking of? Was wondering if it was more of like a chemical balance, like a mood stabilizing effect, or if it was something else?

      Thanks a lot 🙂

      • Matt C H says:

        Hi Jamie,

        You know what I would say first is that. After taking the drops for about a month or two I came to the realization that I was feeling the the JOY of having everything that I had every wanted or could want. Nothing bothered me – and in fact I was celebrating myself and enjoying others at the same time. When in the past certain things had triggered me, I couldn’t now feel more indifferent to these things. I had gone past negative or limiting emotions to experience some kind of great feeling I didn’t think was possible in my previous limiting paradigm / belief system. I made me feel alive and ready to live!

        In the first while on the drops, I felt many up and downs. I was becoming more aware of myself and also of others. The RnA put a lazer on old emotional woods at times, like an intense magnification but when it’s over, it’s over and that’s rewarding.

        I don’t know if the RnA drops effect chemical balance directly but I believe that they started to change the way I interact and feel about myself. It is an indirect balancing. To put me into balance.

        Also I haven’t been on the drops for a while and still feel great, definitely some kind homeostasis remains.

        If you want to know anything further let me know.


  16. Hey, I’m happy to come in THIRD place and win this package: 3rd Place Winner Winners receives the Mineral Madness package: ReAline, ReLyte, ReMag [valued at $106.97]

    Dr. Dean recommended it to me the other night on her show. Please, OH PLEASE 😉 Ginney said posting increases my chance by 500%!! yay

  17. Margaret Arline says:

    I’m looking forward to the BobFest program. I’m hoping and wishing to be a drawing winner – I could really use the RnA drops. I’m in the process of regaining my health and looking forward to feeling vibrantly healthy for the first time in this life.

  18. lisbeth james says:

    My life has been restored. I’ve been taking ReMag and RNA drops for a little over seven months now and have never felt better physically; I am living without back pain, wow, and I couldn’t be happier–I haven’t felt this well in two years…cheers and many thanks!!

    • Jamie Senopole says:

      Hi Lisbeth,

      I suffer from back pain too. I was wondering, since you’re using the ReMag, if you have someone spray some of it on your back in a spray bottle, along with taking it orally? I heard about this on the radio show. I’m excited to try it out! 🙂

  19. Kathie says:

    Would love to win the whole, giant package! My introduction to the RNA drops free sample has led me to want more. Already seeing changes. Less inflammation and my heart rhythms are becoming normal due to the advice of Dr. Dean and magnesium.

    Very Grateful,

  20. @yvette says:

    How perfect to win any of these gifts! I have been using ReMag for almost a month now and just finished the RnA sample bottle. Eager to notice stunning improvements.

  21. Jamie Senopole says:

    Yay! Today’s the big day! BobFest @ 11pm EST

    Anyone know how to listen to the show live?? I’ve only listened through archives! Please, someone let me know! Thanks! 🙂

  22. Judith McGrath says:

    I have been on the RnA drops for 6 months and immediately I experienced a profound sense of calmness and my intuition became noticeably more sensitive. I definitely felt a positive shift in my wellbeing. I would not like to be without the drops.

  23. What a profound body of knowledge/experience/coming into that place of making the unknown known,. Looking forward to receiving grand prize completeness package! Started the sample drops a week ago as well as listening to the archives non-stop after randomly stumbling upon them both.. Not so random after-all..Unspeakable Joy. Thank you for being Radio Free iON!!

  24. Dianne Lombardi says:

    Between the RnA dropsand the Remag I have never felt so peaceful and without anxiety. Plus my mind is not racing with thoughts all the time especially at night when its time to sleep . Because of the Remag my sleepis wonderful again.

  25. Had heart palpitations and other heart rhythm issues. I’ve taken RnA drops, ReMag, and ReLyte for 3 days. Chest pains gone and muscles have calmed down quit a bit.

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