Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the RnA Drops…is it actual RNA?  NO!  Your body makes RNA (ribonucleic acid) in abundance…so much so that you have lots of it you don’t even use!  What you can do, however, is activate the power within the dormant RNA in your own body with RnA Drops. The main ingredient in RnA Drops is insulinose (a patented complex molecule taken orally) and a pico mineral phosphorus.  Rna Drops are 100% natural. 100% pure. 100% vegan. It is safe and shown to have no known side effects.
How long will I need to take RnA Drops before I notice anything?  RnA Drops communicate with the body/mind intelligence found in your own DNA…so each person responds differently according to its own body’s intelligence and priorities.  However, we suggest that most effects of the drops will be most noticeable after a 28-day cycle of cell replication is completed.
How many RnA Drops do I take daily? You begin by putting 3 drops under your tongue two times daily – when you first wake up and then again mid-day/early afternoon for at least one week (days 1-7). Then increase by a drop or two the next week for 7 days (days 8-14)… then increase by a drop or two the next week after that (days 15-21)… until you get to 10 drops twice a day. After that, you are free to experiment.
Can I mix the RnA Drops with juice or water? RnA Drops work best when they are not diluted by any other substance therefore we recommend that you Do NOT mix the RnA drops with any liquid [i.e. water, juice, etc.]. It is best to put the full amount of drops under your tongue at the same time. Feel free to enjoy any beverage or food once you have taken your drops.

RnA Drops and Your Pet –  We don’t recommend RnA Drops themselves for pets.  iON says they are pure non physical and don’t require RnA Drops.  However, they are getting the offgassing of you exhaling your RnA Drops.  Since we haven’t specifically tested RnA Drops on animals we cannot say if they are beneficial or too strong for them.  We are working on an RnA food pet product, but it’s not available yet.  We are also working on a homeopathic RnA Drops product that could be used for animals.  We would recommend using our ReMag (magnesium product) for pets by just putting a few drops in their drinking water.

Dosing RnA Drops:  While on medications or with Health Conditions RnA Drops are a food-based product with a base of barley sprouts.  We do not anticipate any adverse reactions with any medications or health condition, we do advise you to begin the drops even more slowly than recommended above.  Begin with 1 drop per day for one week and then increase to 1 drop twice a day.  Thereafter, increase by one drop per week until you reach the average dose of 5-20 drops twice per day.

Dosing RnA Drops: Sensitivities People with allergies and sensitivities should take the same advice as those on medications or with existing health conditions.  When the body is “sensitive” it may reject “good” things as well as “bad” things.  So, it’s best to slowly get the body used to the RnA Drops.  Begin with 1 drop per day for one week and then increase to 1 drop twice a day.  Thereafter, increase by one drop per week until you reach the average dose of 15-20 drops twice a day.

Are there other uses for RnA Drops? Your first bottle of RnA may last you longer than a month because you will not use the full dose in the first 30 days. You can apply RnA Drops directly to your skin to treat wrinkles, burns, moles or sunspots, etc.

What kinds of physiological or emotional changes should I expect? One of RnA’s initial effects in the body is to balance and stabilize metabolic functions.  Circulation, respiration, kidney function, improved muscle tone and stabilized body temperature can be some of the most common physiological experienced by RnA user’s at the onset of the RnA experience. Some RnA users who have had chronic health-related issues such as heart disease, diabetes or TMJ found their symptoms to decrease or disappear. Others who may have experienced a pervasive fear of flying can now travel on planes for work or pleasure with no anxiety whatsoever!
After taking RnA drops I noticed a slight dizzy, light-headed feeling. Yes, the introduction of RnA drops into your body will have an immediate effect that you may notice, especially when taken sublingually. Such feelings may be expected and indicate absorption.
Will I have increased energy if I take RnA Drops? Many people who have engaged in RnA Drops have written, blogged, and given testimonials that they have found an increase in their energy levels.  Some even required less sleep at night however your results may vary.
Is it appropriate for me to take RnA if I am pregnant? If you are already taking RnA drops and then become pregnant, it is OK to continue to take the drops.  If you know you are pregnant, then you can wait until after the nursing phase to start taking RnA drops.

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  1. leo beck says:

    I am on the RNA and am 90 years old. would to become a distributor? We are Shaklee distribitors but find no use to take the vitamins any more. Please advize

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