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  1. claris says:

    Hi dr Carolyn dean, I am turning 50 this year. And I experienced cold hands and feet recently and have very bad insomnia which cause me to be awake for many nights that I have not never experienced before. To end of to say that I also have psorasis. I really hope your product can help relieve or cure my health conditions.

    Look forward to hearing from you



    • 2014RnARadio says:

      Hello! If you require support from Dr. Dean you will want to email and she will respond.

      • Jose says:

        Hello Dr. Carolyn Dean:
        My name is Jose R Cedillo and I am calling for my wife Francisca and she been going Dialysis since 2006 and her scheduled treatment are Monday and Wednesday and Friday for three hours per day and I just order for the first time the RnA and ReMag Solution and would be all right
        to give her Magnesium Solution and would send us testimonials from your customer with the same condition and also your advise and information. Thank You Very Much
        Joe R Cedillo

  2. Pat says:

    I just started Remag & am up to almost 2tsp a day I am diagnosed “Afib” and I am wondering if I should take more than this and also would remyte be beneficial to add ? Read the book “atrial fibrillation remineralize heart. And am also doing the salt water during the day I think that my episodes have been shorter since I started with this and I am on the same meds still thank you

  3. Pat says:

    Dear Dr.Dean, I have been using ReMag for about 3weeks now to help with my AFIB and the duration of my episodes has gone down from about 6 hrs to about 1-2 hrs and my episodes have gotten more frequent but I also went off my anti arrytmic because it did not keep me from having episodes and so now I take less(just 1 50mg pill) when I actually get the AFIB and so am taking less since using the magnesium. So ultimately,it seems to be helping ,as some of the stories I read in you book from those who were also in AFIB! I just ordered the ReMyte and will now begin this with it and hopefully get even better results! I am very hopeful! Thank you for giving me my life back! I will let you know how it works out but even now I think it is better than before but I don’t want to have it every other night! So will keep trying! Fingers crossed! You have been the answer to my many prayers! xoxo Pat (

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