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  1. lynnedeluca7 says:

    Awesome …. Jeff you are the vibration the frequency … just like the drops … it is the truth of who you are .. you are the Urim and Thumin …. Great interview ….. XO

  2. lynnedeluca7 says:

    The Accuracy depends on your integrity .. must come out of denial on all levels … truth is the pearl of great price ….. Yes Bob great validation … no machines.

  3. lynnedeluca7 says:

    RnA drops …. love in a bottle not for everyone .. higher vibration love’s integrity …

  4. lynnedeluca7 says:

    Awesome Bob …. spiritual love …. height depth width and breath ….. this is love with wings indeed Bob …. beautiful comparison is this ascension

  5. lynnedeluca7 says:

    Matthew … still aligning with abundance on this road to freedom …… xo … will order again soon.

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