Everyday at 8pm EST (5pm PST) until 10pm EST Starting August 22, 2012 Bob Neveritt “puts himself in the middle of it.”

Call-in numbers and additional information

     Bob Dobbs is the son of a butler who was once ensconced in, what was then, the center of cosmopolitan activity.  After World War I, the gated elites began to deploy intelligence liaisons to learn about the rapidly changing world, and Rene Dobbs (Bob’s father) was sent into the trenches of a turbulent culture to rub elbows with the literati, artists, and patrons of the shifting global landscape. In World War II Bob stepped into his father’s profession, showing up after the Malmedy Massacre in December, 1944.  From there he went on to North America as an operative, eventually working as part of the Secret Council of Ten (which he says he disbanded after becoming its chairman in the late 1980s).
     Bob Dobbs has had an amazing and impressive history on radio beginning on October 1, 1984, when he appeared on  CKLN-FM’s “Word of Mouth” hosted by Chris Twomey (also featuring Nelson Thall and James Kidnie). Bob’s on-going, elastic, optimistic, eternal performance on the radio made Bob’s style of counter-culture intelligence and media ecology so trendy he inadvertently gave SLACK a professional status and became the scourge of the Church of the SubGenius. However impressive those accomplishments are, until recently Bob would have most erroneously been underestimated as a prolific archivist and curator of all things McLuhan-esque.  Armed with his own intellect the length of a thousand football fields, Probe-Artist Extraordinaire Bob Dobbs has succeeded in going light years beyond what McLuhan proposed to develop a theosophy of his own: a Five Bodied model of life, art, and the causes/effects of the electronic environment as well as the subsequent anti-dote to all that ails us in RnA Drops.
     In late 2007, Bob Dobbs took on the radio monicker  Bob Neveritt and joined James Martinez on Achieve Radio’s counter-culture classic radio show Cash Flow. In 2009, Bob was joined by his wife Dr. Carolyn Dean and iON to dazzle and delight listeners and consumers with “All the News that IS Knews Across the Living Nation”. Never one to be shy or modest, among Dobbs’ many illustrious contributions to Life on Planet Earth appear to be a working model for free energy and the cure for cancer. Recently nominated as 2012’s Man of the Year, in addition to holding court/fort on Achieve Radio every Thursday at 7PM PST,  it seems that all there is left for Bob to do is be President. He graciously invites the public to join him for a nightly conference call in which he will speak with all callers and answer all emails as he patiently outlines his plan for ANTICIPATORY democracy.

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